Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Tyranny of Acronyms

I'm drowning in a sea of letters. 

I open Twitter and read about CE14 WAPA NZPF CE14 MLE and on it goes.

Fine when I am on a roll following a discussion or event. Yes, I know where I am. Great. Then in comes something I know eg NZPF but out of context to where the brain has been. NZPF - I recognise that, now what does it mean? Interesting discussion. Who are they? Hit the link - no clues at all, after all they know who they are. Why would they need to spell it out? Oh well go back to own discussion.  Ten minutes later a light-bulb moment - of course! No not relevant, no need to worry.

Then there are the #edchat, #edchatnz, #kidsedchatnz, #edubookchatnz, #engchatnz and on and on.  Oh and look there are the oz ones too and .....

@XXXX no those capital letters are the persons name, not an organisation - go back and reread - does it make sense now?

Right I have got MLE and VLN and LOL embedded, but then I'm thrown a DM and a PD.  Of course I know what they are - I just forgot for a minute or three.

Now I have found a #INF536. Yes I have to know what it is. No I don't. Okay I will just have a peep. Interesting but not for me. Ahhh #tgasw. No I don't need to know, but look they explain who they are very well.  I feel much better now.

Now what was I reading?

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